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Fully restored, serviced, certified, and upgraded, that is the process here at the MRRHQ Vintage Model Steam Locomotive Works. Early era steam locos, post-Civil War to WW11, were not just the workhorses that made it over the passes, and made the Monroe Doctrine come to pass, but were also rolling works of art. Here you will find, representing this era, a massive offering of beautifully preserved 15-50 year old HO Scale model locomotives from the, mostly, bygone great companies that built them and our great model railroading hobby.

With loving care, we have restored these beautiful machines to new, and often better than new, condition utilizing the following exhaustive processes:

  • Each Locomotive is disassembled.

  • Plastic Parts are cleaned, blown dry and repaired as required.

  • Bells, if plastic, are painted with Brass Metallic Paint.

  • Corroded cast parts, if any, are bathed in vinegar, scrubbed, rinsed, blown dry and polished.

  • Brass parts are polished.

  • All old chassis grease and oil is removed with Cleaner/Distillate and the chassis is cleaned and blown dry.

  • The chassis and running gear is lubricated using modern Teflon Grease, plastic compatible Grease w/PTFE or light machine oil as appropriate.

  • NMRA "Hook" Couplers are replaced with all metal Knuckle Couplers as required.

  • The motor is cleaned, lubricated, and tested.

  • The locomotive is reassembled, and all functions tested and adjusted as required for optimum performance on both our test bench and test track.

  • Bridge rectifier controlled directional rear "Soft White" LED lighting is added or optional if not an original standard feature.

  • Locomotive, available documentation and box, original or otherwise, are sealed in a custom made and fitted airtight heavy zip lock bag.

MRRHQ Certification is now complete.

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