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Walthers Great Circus Train 1st Release 1967A HO Scale

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"Near dawn, the last wagon is finally loaded. The engine couples on and the most beautiful circus train the world has ever seen is underway! Since 1965, kids of all ages have been delighted as this colorful caravan rolls from the Circus World Museum in Baraboo to the showgrounds of Milwaukee.

This limited run HO Scale model is an exacting reproduction of the equipment at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The 20 cars of The Great Circus Train are brightly painted and lettered to match the equipment as it appeared in the mid-1960's."

Thus reads the description found on the box of this MRCHQ Collectible Walthers Great Circus Train 1st Release 1967A, and all eleven companion releases of this rare and legendary kit series. Offered in very limited individual releases beginning in 1989, these remarkable and historic circus train cars are a must have for every model train collector and afficianado.

With features like razor sharp high end graphics, premium details, roller bearing wheelsets, NMRA Couplers and a very limited production run, the cars of the Great Circus Train were a tremendous value when first released. OFFERED NOW BY MRCHQ IN BRAND NEW MINT CONDITION AT NEAR INTRODUCTORY 1990 PRICES they are a SPECTACULAR VALUE.

This MRCHQ Collectible Walthers Great Circus Train 1st Release 1967A includes:

  • Car #52 Gollmar Bros. Warren Flat
  • Car #57 101 Ranch/Robbins Bros. Warren Flat

Discontinued: New, mint condition in original box.

HO Scale 1:87

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