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Roundhouse 511 D&RGW 2-6-0 (Early) Mogul Locomotive Kit w/Flywheel Motor HO Scale

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Roundhouse 511 D&RGW 2-6-0 (Early) Mogul Locomotive Kit w/Flywheel Motor

There is no greater accomplishment, or satisfaction, than in building something yourself. Fortunately, in this era of supplied entertainment, where accomplishment is often measured by how many levels have been completed, vintage locomotive kits from Roundhouse, Mantua and Tyco, like this Roundhouse 511 D&RGW 2-6-0 (Early) Mogul Locomotive Kit w/Flywheel Motor, still offer the challenge, and opportunity, to create your own unique model railroading masterpiece. You will find no greater selection of these great kits from a bygone era than here at MRRHQ's Vintage Model Steam Locomotive Works.

Excerpt from included Roundhouse 511 documents:

"Introducing Roundhouse Products "Old Timer" Series, 2-6-0 Mogul, as built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in the 1880's. This model kit was designed to cover a long period of history, starting out in the 19th Century and covering the intervening years up to the late 1940's. The 2-6-0 Mogul locomotive started life as a gaily painted engine with a diamond, or cap stack, and was used for fast crack "Overland" passenger car service; hauled early period Pullman Palace cars; and, as time went by, our little Mogul was "bumped" to branch lines and freight hauling chores.

Roundhouse has reproduced the complete spectrum of the Mogul's history; you will find included with your kit all the separate detailing parts to produce any period of history you choose your model to represent."

You WILL NOT find a finer example of this classic vintage kit.


  • C-10 Mint Condition in Mint Original Box.
  • Certified 100% Complete by MRRHQ Vintage Steam Locomotive Works.
  • Inventoried and sealed in custom-fitted air tight heavy zip lock bag.
  • All small parts sealed in original plastic bags.
  • All original Instructions are present including History, Pre-Assembly, Superstructure Assembly, Parts List, Tender Assembly, Painting, Mechanism Assembly and Super Detailing.
  • Powerful 5-Pole Motor w/Flywheel & Brass Worm Gear.
  • Long lasting Nylon Step and Drive Gears.
  • Scale 51" Baldwin Drive Wheels.
  • Heavy cast metal main and tender frame assemblies.
  • Cast cylinders, yoke, main rods, crossheads and marker lamp housings.
  • Brass guide rods, handrail posts and tender pick up wheels.
  • All necessary Plastic Super Detailing parts for modeling Old Timer Era (Circa 1880-1910) or Modern Era (Circa 1920-1940)
  • All screws, headlamp and marker lamp jewels and other parts needed to complete the kit are included.
  • Available Option: Front and rear all metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.
  • We do not recommend this kit for beginning modelers.
  • Click HERE for historical information about this legendary locomotive class.

HO Scale 1:87

Made in U.S.A.

Questions? Need advice? The modelers from MRRHQ are ready to help 24/7 @970-988-2866 or email us
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