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Roundhouse 2772 White Pass & Yukon Climax Locomotive Kit w/Universal Drive Fix HO Scale

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Roundhouse 2772 White Pass & Yukon Climax Locomotive Kit w/Good Universal Drives

Excerpt from Roundhouse Climax Locomotive Kit documents:

"The Climax Locomotive was produced by the Climax Manufacturing Co. in Corry, Pennsylvania. Designed in the late 1800's, the Climax was designed as a logging locomotive with a 1:1 gear ratio and attained a maximum speed of 12 mph. Also of interest is the fact that the Climax locomotive was also used for passenger service utilizing a 2:1 gear ratio, giving it a whopping 20 mph top speed! The early styled Climax design was a virtue of simplicity: one flat car with a 2-cylinder tug boat steam engine in the center, enclosed by a cab: a boiler at one end with a fuel bunker at the other end! The Climax was powered by a transmission and spline shafts, coupled with universals located below the superstructure and centered between the geared trucks..... much like today's automobile."

The Climax, along with their other iconic Box Diesel and 2-Truck Shay locomotive kits, have become synonymous with the Roundhouse name over the years. Though admittedly noisy, finicky and often problematic, they are a must have for all model locomotive aficionados.


Plastic Part #28058 Universal Drive in these vintage kits ALMOST ALWAYS arrive broken from age rendering the drive system inoperable. Replacements were never offered. Fear not! The Part #28058 Universal Drives included in this kit are in PERFECT CONDITION.


  • C-7* Mint Condition w/Excellent Original Box
  • Inventoried and sealed in custom-fitted air tight heavy zip lock bag.
  • All small parts sealed in plastic bags.
  • All Instructions included.
  • Restored pressure-cast Zamac high impact plastic body.
  • Factory pre-assembled Power Trucks.
  • Powerful 5-Pole Motor with Flywheel.
  • Heavy cast metal main frame.
  • Optional Upgrade Available:
    • Front and Rear Kadee all-metal Knuckle Couplers.
  • We do not recommend this kit for beginning modelers.
  • Build date unknown.

HO Scale 1:87

Made in U.S.A.

* Full Disclosure: Poorly packaged by the shipper, this great loco kit arrived with significant damage. The body was literally broken in half with corners broken off and several other small breaks. Two of the broken pieces were missing entirely. Fortunately, we are THE model railroad locomotive restoration experts and we were not about to scrap this rare and beautiful locomotive kit knowing full well that the restoration would be a labor of love rather than one of income. This being said, including a complicated paint match based on MOW Gray with touches of Southern Green and Charcoal and the fabrication of two difficult parts, you will be challenged to discern that the body was broken at all.

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