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Rivarossi 5433 Missouri Pacific Class SW8-51 0-8-0 Switcher #9777 HO Scale

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Rivarossi 5433 Missouri Pacific Class SW8-51 0-8-0 Switcher #9777

Between 1924 and 1929 standardization came to the "MOPAC" in the form of 85 Class SW8-51 0-8-0 Switchers. Road numbers were 9601-9785 with production split between ALCO, Lima and Baldwin. All were copies of the USRA design as modified by MOPAC to be 12,000 to 18,000 pounds heavier with 7,750 lbs. more tractive effort. The later examples had cast frames and front-end throttles mounted in front of the stacks.

Over the years, most of the historic model railroad manufacturers produced locos with mysterious road numbers and/or questionable prototypical correctness. Besides causing us to waste a lot of time on research verifying this subterfuge, we can only assume their motivation to be strictly economic. Plastic injection molds and metal castings are expensive. To recover this cost AND to offer their products at an affordable cost, manufacturers often used the prototype tooling to also produce non-prototypical products. To make an already long story shorter, such is the case with our 5433 and it's original Tender Booster Truck. The ONLY real world 0-8-0 switchers ever produced with a tender truck booster drive were the three historic Indiana Harbor Belt switchers built by Baldwin in 1927 and modeled repeatedly by Rivarossi between 1960 and 1997. This ALL being said, we have replaced the original Booster Truck on this 5433 with a more prototypical standard 4-Wheel Truck. The stock, and admittedly cooler, Booster Truck is included should you prefer it.

  • C-9 Mint Condition with Mint Original Box.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works restored, serviced, tested and certified
  • Sealed and stored in an air-tight custom fitted heavy zip lock bag.
  • Operating Headlamp.
  • Upgraded with MRRHQ Custom Factory Quality directional back-up light.
  • Boiler and tender body of pressure-cast Zamac high impact plastic.
  • Steel hand rails, coupler release bars, rods and fittings.
  • Tender Truck Booster Drive.
  • Powerful Can Motor.
  • Metal gears assembled on knurled axles.
  • Slippage-free oversize knurled drive wheel axles.
  • Authentic hex-head screws for spacer-assembled side rods.
  • Easy rolling needle point truck axles of cadmium plated steel.
  • Metal locomotive and tender frames.
  • Upgraded with working rear all-metal Kadee Knuckle Coupler.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS T1KA Standard DCC Decoder w/Keep Alive Installed
    • TCS WOWSound 101 Digital DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101KA Digital DCC/Sound Decoder with Keep Alive Installed.
    • Engineer Figure Installed in Cab.
  • Final Production Date 1997 .
HO Scale 1:87

Dimensions: Loco: 6 1/8" L x 2" T x 1 3/8" W Tender 4 1/2" L x 1 7/8" T x 1 3/8" W

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