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MRRHQ MagLED® ML1 Evolutionary Model Railroad Lighting System LED Master Control Board without Magnet

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Love our awesome MagLED® light boards but don't need, or want, any more magnets? Want to also save 1$each? Here you go:

MRRHQ MagLED® ML1 Evolutionary Model Railroad Lighting System LED Master Control Board without Magnet

  • MLM1 MagLED® Master Control Board FITS MOST N SCALE COACHES.
  • Or, add unlimited optional MLX1 MagLED® Extension Boards to ILLUMINATE ANY MODEL RAILROAD ROLLING STOCK HO SCALE OR LARGER.
  • Optional MLH1 MagLED® Accessory Harness provides power and control of add-ons like Marker Lights or LEDs to illuminate Clerestory Windows. (Not included.) NO IN-LINE RESISTORS REQUIRED!
    • Incorporates High Tech Micro-Mechanical Switching Technology and (2) easily replaceable CR1130 3VDC Batteries. (included)
      • Unlike ALL comparable products, no more worrying about battery drain when not in use. ZERO CURRENT DRAW WHEN NOT IN USE.
      • "Geez, we're not kidding" first time/every time turn-on and turn-off. NO MORE FRUSTRATING WAND WAVING trying to get your light bar to turn on or off.
      • Choose your Battery Life: Each MLM1 MagLED® Master Control Board has provision for (2) CR1130 3VDC Batteries (included) and each optional MLX1 MagLED® Extension Board has provision for an additional (1) CR1130 3VDC Battery (included). For maximum battery life use all batteries. However, unlike ALL comparable products and no matter how many MLX1 MagLED® Extension Boards you have added to your MLM1 MagLED® Master Control Board, the system REQUIRES ONLY ONE GOOD BATTERY ANYWHERE IN THE CHAIN TO OPERATE AT 100%.
      • Includes (1) MagLED® MLM1 Master Board and (2) CR1130 3VDC Lithium Batteries.
      • Affordable MLBP1 Replacement Battery 10-Pack available for less than $5.00 MSRP.
      Dimensions: 4" Long x 1/2" Wide.



Sure, there have been, and are, other Model Railroad rolling stock lighting systems but there has never, until now, been one with the value, quality, flexibility and ease of use of our NEW MagLED® Evolutionary Model Railroad Lighting System.

Dealers or manufacturers contact us for bids on custom and/or licensed versions of this product.

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