MRRHQ Custom Vintage Limited Edition Mantua 626-097 D.S.P.&P.R.R. 1890s Passenger Train Set HO Scale

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MRRHQ Custom Vintage Limited Edition Mantua 626-097 D.S.P.&P.R.R. 1890s Passenger Train Set

Headquartered in the great city of Denver, we are, of course, very partial to the fascinating and historic Colorado railroads and the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad (D.S.P.&P.R.R.) certainly qualifies. The D.S.P.&P.R.R. was a historic 3 ft narrow gauge railroad that operated in Colorado and the western United States in the late 19th century. The railroad opened up the first rail routes to a large section of the central Colorado mining district in the post Civil War decades to capitalize on the mineral boom of the period.

The route was noteworthy for crossing the Continental Divide twice (from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side at Boreas Pass, and back to the Atlantic side at Fremont Pass), and for the Alpine Tunnel. With its highest point at 11,523.7 feet it was the highest tunnel in the world and, at the time, the most expensive tunnel ever built.

The railroad took its name from the fact that its main line from Denver ascended the Platte River Canyon and traversed the majestic high mountain meadows of South Park. The company operated as an independent railroad from its founding in 1872 until it was sold in foreclosure proceedings to the Denver, Leadville and Gunnison Railway in 1889. Its lines later became part of the Colorado and Southern Railway. The last train to run the old D.S.P.&P. was from Como, Colorado on April 11, 1937. In the first half of the 20th century, nearly all the company's original lines were dismantled or converted into 4' 8 1/2" standard gauge. A section of the standard gauge line between Leadville and Climax operates today as a passenger excursion railroad called the Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad.

Mantua's first D.S.P.&P. offering was the 1992 introduction of the 626-097 Bonus Pack which included a 369-097 #74 4-4-0 "General" Locomotive, (1) 720-097 1890s Combine Coach and (1) 719-097 1890s Passenger Coach.

From a collector's standpoint, this offering was notable for being the only year and only package which offered a D.S.P.&P. road name 4-4-0 "General" locomotive. (A #9 D.S.P.&P. Rogers 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler with the then new MC94 Can Motor was offered from 1995-1997.) Also of note is that 1992 was the first year that Mantua "Generals" came with a factory installed working headlamp.

The story of the Mantua D.S.P.&P. 34' 1890s Overton Coaches is also interesting if a bit odd. Both the 720-097 Combine and 719-097 Passenger Coaches were offered separately from 1995-1997. Only the Combine continued to be offered separately from 1998 until Mantua's initial demise in 2001. Say what?

Our MRRHQ Custom Vintage Limited Edition Mantua 626-097 D.S.P.&P.R.R. 1890s Passenger Train Set is dressed up and ready to roll with many of our signature upgrades and TWO BONUS PASSENGER COACHES. Here's your chance to own a beautiful piece of Colorado, and Mantua, railroading history.

The Locomotive

Mantua HO Scale 369-097 4-4-0 "General"

  • New, C-9 Mint Condition with Very Good Original Box.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works restored, serviced, tested and certified.
  • No indication of run time.
  • Factory Installed Operating Headlamp.
  • Boiler, Cab, Tender body and frames of heavy cast metal
  • Castings are sharp and clean and include highly detailed boiler fronts, smoke stacks, valves, pipes and rivet heads.
  • Real Brass hand rails, fittings, ornate steam domes.
  • Upgraded with MRRHQ Custom CanDrive w/Modern Sagami MC94 Can Motor.
  • Smooth, quiet nylon gears assembled on knurled axles.
  • Authentic brass hex-head screws for spacer-assembled side rods.
  • Replaceable long-life brass axle bearings.
  • Easy rolling needle point truck axles and wheels of cadmium plated steel.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS T1KA Standard DCC Decoder w/Keep Alive Installed
    • TCS WOWSound 101 Digital DCC/Sound Decoder (Installed in 720-097 Combine Coach)
    • TCS WOWSound 101KA Digital DCC/Sound Decoder w/Keep Alive (Installed in 720-097 Combine Coach)
  • Mantua Catalog 1992.

Dimensions Including Tender: 7 1/4" Long x 2" Tall x 1/1/4" Wide

The Coaches

Includes (1) Mantua 720-097 1890s D.S.P.&P. Combine Coach and (3) Mantua 719-097 1890s D.S.P.&P. Passenger Coaches.


  • MRRHQ Custom Track Powered Soft-White LED Lighting.
  • Individual Road Numbers.
  • Brass Truss Rods.
  • Vintage look-and-feel preserved with passenger silhouettes remastered from the originals and reprinted on high end semi-gloss photo paper.
  • Vintage remastered curtain inserts in front and rear door windows.
  • Upgraded with Intermountain all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with all-metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.
  • New Old Stock RTR with original boxes.

Dimensions All Cars: 5 1/2" L x 1 7/8" T x 1 5/16" W

HO Scale 1:87

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