MRRHQ Custom Powered Wiseman Models Mack BR Yard Switcher Locomotive #2 HO Scale

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MRRHQ Custom Powered Wiseman Models Mack BR Yard Switcher Locomotive #2

Mack Trucks produced its first locomotive in May, 1921. It was a 33-ton chain-drive four wheel steeple cab locomotive powered by two 40-horsepower AC gasoline engines mounted fore and aft of the cab.

Mack “No.1” was designed by company engineers as a working prototype switchyard locomotive. It underwent long-term evaluation shunting freight cars around Plant 5’s sidings and the company’s shipping and storage center located on the Allentown-Reading main line. A specially designed and centrally mounted transmission allowed for single or dual engine operation. Valuable experience gained from Mack “No.1” ultimately resulted in the production model BR.

In 1927, Mack Trucks began producing gas-electric locomotives at its Plainfield, New Jersey plant. The Mack model BR standard and BR Special locomotives were powered by a single engine. Model BR standard, BR Special, BS and BT locomotives utilized four cylinder 85 horsepower Mack model AC gasoline engines, mounted transversely or longitudinally, each mated to a 55 kW General Electric generator.(From:

A Note on our MRRHQ Custom Built Locomotives:

Building custom model locomotives is both a labor of love and a mission to offer unique working models to the Model Railroading public. This being said, if one were to compare our offer price to the component cost, any reasonable hourly labor rate and the build time required, It is neither a practical nor profitable endeavor. Hopefully, however, it is appreciated.


  • Custom Painted and Built from Wiseman Models Metal MACK BR Locomotive Kit.
  • Motorized with Northwest Shortline Model 1210 Stanton Drive.
  • Custom Working Roof Mounted Headlamp.
  • MRRHQ Custom Mack Logo.
  • Working All Metal Kadee Knuckle Coupler.

Dimensions: 2 1/2" Long x 1" Wide x 1 3/4" Tall (Including Whistle)

HO Scale 1:87

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