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MRRHQ Custom Petticoat Junction Train and Structure Set HO Scale

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Come ride the little train,
that is rolling down the tracks,
to the junction.

Petticoat Junction Theme Song and Lyrics by Curt Massey and Paul Henning

Petticoat Junction is a ground breaking American situation comedy that originally aired on the CBS Network from September 1963 to April 1970. Recognizing the then huge popularity of the TV show, in 1966/1967 Tyco produced four slightly different Petticoat Junction C&FW Railroad train sets all featuring the show’s famous “Hooterville Cannonball” locomotive. (What the C&FW designation actually stood for remains shrouded in mystery. Even Paul Henning, creator of the show, doesn't remember the inspiration behind them.) Each of the four train sets included a beautiful 4-6-0 Dixie Bell Locomotive, an Overton Combine Car and two Overton Passenger Coaches. The sets were offered both with and without track and power supply.

Though the original Tyco train sets are now over 50 years old and extremely rare we were, again, able to find the Locomotive, Combine and two Passenger Coaches and offer them here in fully restored mint condition. Of course, for our MRRHQ Custom Limited Edition Train Sets, mint original condition is just the beginning. With a slew of impressive rolling stock upgrades and never-before-offered (except by us) model replicas of Petticoat Junction's signature Shady Rest Hotel and Water Tower, our MRRHQ Custom HO Scale Heirloom Petticoat Junction Train & Structure Set is one of the finest and most unique model train sets ever produced. Only from the modelers at MRRHQ!

The Locomotive

Tyco HO Scale 233H C&FW "Hooterville Cannonball" 4-6-0 Dixie Bell Locomotive

  • C8+ Fully Restored and Upgraded Condition.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works restored, serviced, tested and certified.
  • Test Bench and Test Track run time only.
  • Operating Headlamp.
  • MRRHQ Custom Directional Soft-White LED Tender backup light.
  • "Charley" Engineer Figure Installed in Cab.
  • Boiler, Cab, Tender body and frames of heavy cast metal
  • Castings are sharp and clean and include highly detailed boiler fronts, smoke stacks, valves, pipes and rivet heads.
  • Real Brass hand rails, fittings, ornate steam domes.
  • Powerful PM1 Pittman style 5-pole motor polished, serviced and tested.
  • Smooth, quiet nylon gears assembled on knurled axles.
  • Authentic brass hex-head screws for spacer-assembled side rods.
  • Replaceable long-life brass axle bearings.
  • Easy rolling needle point truck axles and wheels of cadmium plated steel.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS T1KA Standard DCC Decoder w/Keep Alive Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101 DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
    • Tyco Catalog 1966-67.
  • Dimensions Including Tender: 7 1/4" Long x 2" Tall x 1/1/4" Wide

    The Coaches

    Includes Tyco 1890s C&FW Combine Coach, C&FW Passenger Coach and C&FW Sleeper Coach.


    • Upgraded with Individual Road Numbers.
    • Brass Truss Rods.
    • Vintage look-and-feel preserved with passenger silhouettes remastered from the originals and reprinted on high end semi-gloss photo paper.
    • Vintage remastered curtain inserts in front and rear door windows.
    • Custom Tinted Clerestory Window Inserts.
    • Trucks custom painted Green to match.
    • Upgraded with awesome easy-rolling Proto 2000 33" all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
    • Upgraded with all-metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.
    • .

    Dimensions All Cars: 5 1/2" L x 1 7/8" T x 1 5/16" W

    The Structures

    Shady Rest Hotel

    • Woodland Scenics BR5036 Landmark Structure.
    • Slightly weathered realistic appearance.
    • Custom "Shady Rest Hotel" Signage.

    Water Tower

    • Walthers 931-906 Water Tower & Shanty Kit.
    • Gorgeous Custom Multi-Color Paint Work.
    • Custom "Shady Rest Hotel Arrow" Signage.
    • Signature "Petticoat Junction" Dresses hanging from the top.
    • Custom Woodland Scenics Turf Landscaped Bases.
    • Realistic Woodland Scenics Artificial Water.

    Dimensions w/Base:

    • Water Tower: 4" W x 3/12" D x 4 1/2" T
    • Shanty: 1 5/8" W x 2 1/8" D x 1 1/2" T

    HO Scale 1:87

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