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MRRHQ Custom James Strates Shows "SUPER STRATES EXPRESS" Circus Train Set HO Scale

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MRRHQ Custom James Strates Shows "SUPER STRATES EXPRESS" Circus Train Set

Strates Shows, America's only railroad carnival, travels the United States during a seven-month season, transporting personnel and equipment with 61 rail cars and 34 trucks. Traveling with the show are some 400 employees and families who operate the many rides, games and concessions. Strates Shows has a history dating back to 1923 when James E. Strates, a Greek immigrant, began his first show. Strates Shows fascinating history is well documented on the web and in print. Our SUPER STRATES EXPRESS" Circus Train Set is a loving homage to this great and vanishing tradition.


Strates Shows IHC EMD SD-24 Diesel Locomotive

The EMD SD-24 was Electromotive's answer to the FM Beloit high horsepower train master. Adding a turbo-super charger to the EMD 567D engine resulted in a new more powerful prime mover that developed 2400 horsepower.


  • Custom Non-original box.
  • Separately Molded Roof Top "Torpedo" Air Tanks.
  • Engineered Plastic Hand Railings.
  • 12 Wheel Drive.
  • 8 Wheel Electrical Pickup.
  • Powerful Modern Can Motor.
  • Precision Gear Transmission.


(1) Walthers Great Circus Train 6th Release Car 44 James Strates Shows Elephant Car.

  • Excellent Original Box.
  • Professionally assembled from kit by MRRHQ.
  • Upgraded with all-metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.
  • Upgraded with awesome easy-rolling Walthers Proto 2000 all-metal 36" Wheel Sets.

(2) WalthersProto 920-104201 89' Bethlehem Flush-Deck Flatcars.

  • Mint Original Boxes.
  • Custom "Strates Shows" Graphics.
  • Individual Road Numbers.
  • Upgraded with Kadee All-Metal Knuckle Couplers.
  • Upgraded with awesome Walthers Proto 2000 all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
  • Loaded with (4) Walthers 949-2303 40' Trailers with unique MRRHQ Custom Strates Shows Graphics.


(5) IHC 85' James Strates Shows Heavyweight Coaches

  • 49747 Baggage Coach #21.
  • 49750 Diner Coach #12.
  • 49755 "Orlando" Passenger Coach #2.
  • 49756 "The Landover" 8-1-2 Sleeper Coach #23.
  • 49757 "The Syracuse" Observation Coach #9.

FEATURES (All Coaches):

  • Excellent Original Boxes.
  • Proprietary MRRHQ MagLED® Interior Lighting.
  • Appropriate (and rare) IHC Interiors.
  • Individually populated with a total of 58 1:87 Scale Figures.
  • Upgraded with awesome Walthers Proto 2000 36" all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with McHenry Knuckle Couplers.
  • Upgraded with realistic working Door Diaphragms.

HO Scale 1:87

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