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MRRHQ Custom HO Scale Interior for MDC/Roundhouse 85' Pullman Palace OBS Coach

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Never before offered by anyone, dress up your Roundhouse Pullman Palace Cars with our latest series of custom interiors.

In the late 19th and early 20th Century great American railroad glory days, Pullman Palace cars epitomized luxury and prestige. Meticulously designed by the modelers of MRRHQ to perfectly fit classic Roundhouse Pullman Palace Cars, our newest series of custom 3D Printed interiors incorporate drop-in ease of installation with a level of detail never before offered. Featuring larger round back seats, fully detailed bathrooms, kitchens and an incredible Sleeper Interior design based on actual Pullman Company blueprints, our Custom Pullman Palace Interiors live up to the Pullman Palace legend. (Roundhouse Pullman Palace Car shown not included. Duh.)

ADDENDA: If you know anything about 3D Printing you know that end product cost is based on material cost plus machine time/unit. Requiring over 50 hours of design time and dimensions that push the limits of desk top printing, our Pullman Palace Interiors were costly to design and are expensive to produce. This being said, we're taking a bullet for Palace aficionados by offering these magnificent interiors at prices barely over our cost. Our "bullet" doesn't make them cheap but it does make them a HUGE value.


  • Drop-in ease of installation.
  • Oversized round-top cabin seating.
  • Cabin meeting/conversation table w/six chairs.
  • Oversize bench observation seating.
  • Private Office w/desk, chairs and cabinetry.
  • Fully detailed bathroom.

3D Printed. Minor cleanup of printing artifacts may be desired. No assembly required.

Architectural Design & 3D Printing by Jeff Zepp

American 3D Printing: Evergreen, CO 303-674-4044

HO Scale 1:87

Dimensions: 9 7/8" Long x 1 3/16" Wide x 3/4" Tall (249mm x 30mm x 19mm)

Made in U.S.A.

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