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MRRHQ 1920s Maine Central Mixed Freight & Passenger Set w/Custom Replica G Class 4-6-0 #109 HO Scale

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MRRHQ 1920s Maine Central Mixed Freight & Passenger Set w/Custom Replica G Class 4-6-0 #109

The Maine Central Railroad Company (reporting mark MEC) was a former U. S. Class I railroad in central and southern Maine. It was chartered in 1856 and began operations in 1862. By 1884, Maine Central was the longest railroad in New England. Maine Central had expanded to 1,358 miles (2,185 km) when the United States Railroad Administration assumed control in 1917. Like many of our great 19th and 20th Century railroads now faded into history, the MEC has a fascinating and well documented history.

MEC G Class 4-6-0 #109 leaving the yards at Oakland, Maine

The MEC acquired, or commissioned, 10 "G" Class 4-6-0 locomotives between 1898 and 1906. All had been scrapped by 1935. For our Custom MECSET we chose an awesome Roundhouse 455 Harriman 4-6-0 Kit w/Can Motor to model Maine Central G Class 4-6-0 #109 originally built by Manchester in 1906 for the Somerset RR. A pair of Super detailed Accurail 41089 40' Single Sheathed Wood Box Cars and a super rare, and super upgraded, Roundhouse 00647 MEC 34' Overton Coach 4-Pak make up the consist. Like Maine itself, this set is truly unique and, likely, there will not be another. Don't be "gawmy", better "book it."

Maine Central G Class 4-6-0 #109 was built by Manchester in 1906 for the Somerset RR

Set includes Authentic cancelled Maine Central Stock Certificate!


  • Highly Customized Roundhouse RH455 Harriman 4-6-0 Kit.
  • C-9 Mint Condition with Excellent Original Box.
  • Test Track run time only.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works assembled, serviced, tested and certified.
  • Custom Operating Headlamp w/Brass Fixture (Trust us: Creating a wire run through solid metal casting was wicked.)
  • MRRHQ Custom Rear Tender Lighting.
  • MRRHQ Custom 2-Tone Flat Black and MEC Pine Green Paint Job.
  • MRRHQ Custom Decals, Numbering and Front Number Plate.
  • Includes both Wood and Coal Tender Loads.
  • Dummy Marker Lights.
  • Cab and tender of pressure-cast high impact plastic.
  • Cast boiler and frames.
  • Brass Handrail Stanchions and Coupler Lift Bar.
  • Steel main and side rods.
  • Many additional fine details.
  • Powerful state-of-the-art Can Motor.
  • Scale 63" Drivers.
  • Easy rolling steel needle point truck axles.
  • Upgraded with working front and rear Knuckle Couplers.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101 DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101KA DCC/Sound Decoder w/KEEP ALIVE Installed.
    • Woodland Scenics Engineer Figure Installed in Cab.
  • Made in USA. Paperwork dated 10/80.

Dimensions: Locomotive 7 x 1 3/8 x 2" Tender 4 3/4 x 1 3/8 x 2"


Limited Edition Roundhouse 00647 Maine Central Overton 4-Pak

  • (1) Roundhouse 77212 34' MEC Overton Baggage Coach
  • (1) Roundhouse 77210 34' MEC Overton Combine Coach
  • (1) Roundhouse 77209 34' MEC Overton Passenger Coach
  • (1) Roundhouse 77211 34' MEC Overton Passenger Coach


  • Proprietary MRRHQ Custom MagLED® Interior Lighting.
    • More than TWICE THE BATTERY LIFE of all other comparable products.
    • Zero Current Draw when off unlike all other comparable systems.
    • "Geez we're not kidding" first-time-every-time magnetic turn-on turn-off.
    • Mounted with Velcro® Discs for simple, eventual, battery replacement.
    • Constant Light Level Intensity.
  • Tinted Clerestory Windows.
  • Gloss Black Roofs.
  • MRRHQ Custom "Crystal Clear" Modern Acetate Windows.
  • MRRHQ Custom Front and Rear Curtain Details.
  • MRRHQ Custom 3D Printed coach-specific MEC Pine Green Interiors.
  • Upgraded with Walthers Proto all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with all-metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.
  • Professionally Assembled by MRRHQ from New Old Stock Kits w/ Mint Original Boxes & Mint Original Set Box.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" L x 1 7/8" T x 1 5/16" W


  • (2) Accurail 41089 MEC 40' Single Sheath Wooden Box Car Kits.


  • C9 Mint Condition with Mint Original Boxes.
  • Individual Road Numbers. Fortunately, since identical road numbers on multiple cars is forbidden around here, Accurail offers Road Number Decal Sets for their rolling stock. To renumber one of the 41089's we ordered their Decal Set and are including it should you wish to add more Box Cars to this unique consist. Thoughtful of us, isn't it?
  • Very High Level of Detail.
  • Upgraded with Walthers Proto all-metal RP25 Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with All-Metal Kadee Knuckle Couplers.

Dimensions: 6" L x 1 7/8" T x 1 5/16" W

HO Scale 1:87
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