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MRCHQ Vintage Model Steam Locomotive Works

The world's largest selection of vintage early era HO Scale Model Steam Locomotives and Locomotive Kits. Here are the legendary locomotives that won the west, conquered the Appalachians, Rockies, Sierras and Cascades and linked the Atlantic to the Pacific helping to build America.

Sit back, browse and watch history unfold with ornate 4-4-0 "Generals", beautiful 4-4-0 "Modern" Americans, magnificent 4-6-0 Rogers and Dixie Bells, classic 2-6-0 Moguls, "Little Giant" 2-8-0 Consolidations, speed record holding 4-4-2 Atlantics, stately 4-8-0 Mastodons, Camelbacks, Loggers and more. They're all here FULLY restored, serviced, tested, certified and Ready-To-Run, or ready to be built, only from the modelers at MRCHQ.

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