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End of Steam Series Seaboard Airline Harriman Passenger Set​ w/Class M2 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive #249 HO Scale

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Stunning End of Steam Series Seaboard Airline Harriman Passenger Set w/Class M2 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive #249

Formed in 1900, the Seaboard Airline Railroad came late to the race for supremacy in north-south East Coast rail traffic. Most of the direct north-south routes along America's Eastern "Seaboard" were already snapped up by the Atlantic Coast Line and Southern railroads. The eventual success of the SAL is a well documented and fascinating story of acquisition, new construction, bankruptcy and, eventually, success. The SAL eventually merged with the ACL and Chessie systems becoming the giant CSX conglomerate.

"In search of more powerful locomotives for the Richmond-Hamlet-Atlanta passenger run, in 1917 the SAL purchased 6 M-class Mountains from Richmond and Schnectady. They had 69" drivers and 27" x 28" cylinders and weighed 316,000 pounds. Ten more 4-8-2s almost identical to the Ms came from Schnectady in 1922. They were classed M-1 and numbered 215-224. To achieve yet higher speeds, the SAL modified the original M design with 72" drivers for the M2 class built by Baldwin between 1924 and 1926. They had cast trailing trucks w/o boosters and like the previous 4-8-2s they had small Vanderbilt Tenders and were hand-fired. They were later fitted with stokers and received 12-wheel tenders. Initially their territory was Richmond-Hamlet-Savannah. Later they worked to Atlanta, Topeka and Miami." (From: "The Guide to North American Steam Locomotives" by the late George H. Drury.


IHC Premier M931 SAL Class M2 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive #249


  • NEW C-9 Mint Condition with Mint Original Box.
  • No evidence of run time.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works serviced, tested and certified.
  • Upgraded with High Performance MRRHQ Custom LED Operating Headlamp.
  • Factory Installed Directional Back Up Light.
  • One-piece boilers, engine covers, cabs and tenders of pressure-cast high impact plastic.
  • Steel main and side rods.
  • Real brass bell.
  • Includes ALL 15+ owner applied additional fine detail parts. (Not shown in included images)
  • Powerful state-of-the-art Can Motor w/Flywheel.
  • Scale 72" Drivers.
  • Easy rolling steel needle point truck axles.
  • Dummy Front and Working Rear Knuckle Coupler.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS MC2-KAC Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS MC2-KAC Standard DCC Decoder w/KA4 Keep Alive Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101 DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101KA DCC/Sound Decoder w/Keep Alive Installed.
  • Made in Slovenia by Mehano. Production Year 2004.


The remarkably beautiful, remarkably rare and remarkably Mint Condition, 6241-6271 SAL Roundhouse Harriman Kits included in our equally remarkable End of Steam Series Seaboard Airline Harriman Passenger Set, suggest that they have been lovingly preserved for over 40 years. Now, professionally assembled and seriously upgraded by MRRHQ, we humbly suggest that these are the finest assembled examples of these kits ever offered.

Roundhouse Seaboard Airline Harriman 6-Coach Kit Set

  • 6221 SAL 60' Harriman RPO Coach.
  • 6231 SAL 60' Harriman Baggage Coach.
  • 6241 SAL 60' Harriman Combine Coach.
  • 6251 SAL 60' Harriman Diner Coach.
  • 6261 SAL "Virginia" 60' Harriman Observation Coach.
  • 6271 SAL 60' Harriman Passenger Coach.


  • Kits Professionally assembled by MRRHQ.
  • Upgraded with MRRHQ Custom Complimentary Colored 3D Printed Coach-Specific Interiors.
  • Upgraded with awesome MRRHQ MagLED Lighting Systems.
  • Upgraded with Modern Crystal-Clear Acetate Window Treatments.
  • Upgraded with Walther's Proto 2000 All-Metal 36" Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with Kadee All-Metal Knuckle Couplers.
  • Original Mint boxes Included.

A note on the coach images provided: Should the lucky new owner wish to inspect or populate the coaches, the coach roofs ARE NOT ATTACHED and gaps between the roofs and coach bodies may be visible in my images. Once the roofs are secured using non-permanent white glue, like Elmer's, and, until dry, rubber bands, these gaps will disappear. Use of non-permanent glue also allows fairly simple roof removal for, eventual, lighting system battery replacement.

HO Scale 1:87

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