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Digitrax Zephyr Express DCC Starter Set

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Digitrax Zephyr Express DCC Starter Set

There are a million DCC controllers out there and a million forums debating which DCC system is the best. For those just venturing into DCC it can be very confusing and, in some cases, very expensive. We're not going to jump into the system debate but what we will tell you is that we use the Digitrax Zephyr Express DCC Control Starter Pack on our bench both for DCC installations AND for standard DC testing. It is high quality, intuitive to use, easily expandable and, perhaps most important, reasonably priced. Want to get into DCC without mortgaging the house? Fear not and don't even read all the spec stuff below. Or do, but get a Zephyr anyway and it will all make sense.

The Digitrax Zephyr Express DCC Starter Set offers simplified advanced train operation for any size layout and is fully expandable. Designed to grow with your layout, the cost-effective Zephyr Express includes the DCS52 Command Station, PS314 Power Supply, LT1 Decoder Tester and LocoNet Cable, System Reference Manual and Decoder Manual. The Zephyr Express package also includes a quick-start guide and an instruction manual.

  • 3.0 Amp LocoNet command station, booster, and throttle
  • Speed control knob and direction switch with brake.
  • Color 2.4" LCD display screen
  • Large backlit keypad
  • Runs up to 20 loco addresses and throttles
  • Control lights and sound with 29 functions (F0-F28)
  • Integrated USB computer interface
  • Simple to set-up with easy to read display
  • 13.8 volt output for safe use in N and HO scales
  • 2 jump ports let you use DC power packs as additional DCC throttles
  • Easy 2 and 4 digit addressing.
  • Fully expandable, LocoNet system
  • Digitrax "No Worries" warranty

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