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AHM 5072E Beaufort Morehead R.R.Co​ 2-4-0 Bowker Locomotive HO Scale

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AHM 5072E B.M.R.R.Co 2-4-0 Bowker Locomotive

Well documented on the web and in literature, the Baldwin 2-4-0 J.W. Bowker Locomotive has a long and storied history. The "Bowker" was first reproduced for AHM by Rivarossi in 1973 with three road names: V&T, K.C.& St. L and the W&A. In 1976 AHM released 3 other road names: Y&PBR, B.&M.L.R.R. and this pristine MRRHQ Collectible HO Scale AHM 5072E B.M.R.R.Co. Bowker Locomotive. Though certainly not as famous as the original V&T Bowker, the second series of road names are much harder to find and very desirable.


  • Upgraded C-9 Mint Condition w/Excellent Original Box.
  • Upgraded w/MRRHQ Custom AcuGlow Headlamp. (A working Headlamp was NEVER offered by AHM.)
  • Test Track run time only.
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works serviced, tested and certified.
  • All paperwork included.
  • One-piece boiler/cab and tender body of pressure-cast high impact plastic.
  • Steel guides, main and side rods.
  • Brass handrails and headlamp mount.
  • Many additional fine details.
  • Powerful can motor.
  • Scale 48" Drivers.
  • Easy rolling steel needle point leading truck axles and wheels.
  • Upgraded with working rear Kadee all-metal Knuckle Coupler.
  • Production Date 1976.
  • Available Option:
    • Engineer figure installed in cab.

Dimensions: Loco 5 x 1 3/16 x 2 5/16" Tender: 3 x 1 3/16 x 1 1/2"

HO Scale 1:87

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