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​MRRHQ Custom C&NW Dairyland Express 13 Car Reefer Freight Train with Custom Replica​ Class "J" 2-8-2 Mikado #2304 Locomotive HO Scale

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MRRHQ Custom C&NW Dairyland Express 13 Car Reefer Freight Train with Custom Replica Class "J" 2-8-2 Mikado #2304 Locomotive

The Much Missed C&NW Railroad

The definition of granger is a farmer or homesteader. The term also describes those railroads which served America's breadbasket and derived a substantial portion of their annual revenue from the movement of agricultural products. One of the most fondly remembered was the Chicago & North Western which maintained a sprawling network of more than 11,000 route miles across Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and even reached North Dakota and Wyoming. Like all grangers it maintained hundreds of miles of secondary trackage that were lightly patronized by the postwar period and questionably profitable but absolutely fascinating to witness.

In a move that surprised few, Union Pacific acquired control of the Chicago & North Western during April of 1995. The end of the North Western closed the book on one of America's most fascinating railroads, the classic granger. While one can still witness the Heartland's agriculture industry served by trains, names like the Milwaukee Road, Burlington, Rock Island, and Chicago & North Western have all disappeared through merger, liquidation, or buyout. Today, C&NW's key routes carry on under the UP banner, especially its Powder River coal basin line. The Union Pacific also paid homage to its predecessor by painting one of its new EMD SD70ACe locomotives in 2006 into a version of the railroad’s famous green and yellow company livery, given number 1995 after the year the railroad was acquired.

Primarily a freight carrier, the C&NW relied heavily on the primary freight locomotive of the later steam age, the 2-8-2 Mikado. C&NW Class "J" Mikados, honored here with our MRRHQ Custom Replica Class J 2-8-2 #2308, accounted for 310 of 380 "Mikes" on the C&NW roster. Larger and faster than other road's Mikados, the legendary Class J's were the backbone of the C&NW until the end of steam.



  • C9 Mint Condition Mantua 532 Kit.
  • Professionally Assembled, Painted and Custom Decorated by MRRHQ.
  • Limited Edition.
  • Upgraded with LED Operating Headlamp.
  • Upgraded with MRRHQ Custom Directional Backup Light.
  • 12 Wheel Long Haul Tender body of pressure-cast Zamac high impact plastic.
  • Steel hand rails, rods and fittings.
  • Brass Bell and tender pick-up wheels.
  • Innovative Power Drive unitized motor and drive system.
  • Legendary Sagami MC90 Can Motor.
  • Smooth, quiet nylon gears assembled on knurled axles.
  • Slippage-free oversize knurled drive wheel axles.
  • Authentic brass hex-head screws for spacer-assembled side rods.
  • Easy rolling needle point truck axles of cadmium plated steel.
  • Heavy cast metal locomotive body, tender frame and 6-wheel tender trucks.
  • Upgraded with Front and Rear Knuckle Couplers.
  • Production Years: 1984-1987.
  • Available Options:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • TCS T1KA Standard DCC Decoder with Keep Alive Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101 DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
    • TCS WOWSound 101KA DCC/Sound Decoder with Keep Alive Installed.
    • Engineer Figure Installed in Cab.


Roundhouse Assortment #904 50' Wood Bodied Express Reefer Kit 12 Pack

  • C9 Mint Condition.
  • Available for order ONLY from 3rd Quarter 1997 Roundhouse Dealer News Flyer.
  • Dealer News Flyer, Price Sheet, 12 Pack Shipping Carton and Individual Unit Boxes Included.
  • 2ea. of (6) Different Schemes all with Unique Road Numbers.
  • Professionally assembled from kits by MRRHQ.
  • Upgraded with awesome Proto 2000 All-Metal 33" RP25 Wheelsets.
  • Upgraded with Kadee All-Metal Knuckle Couplers.

Proto 2000 8502 C&NW Center Cupola Steel Caboose

  • C9 Mint Condition with Excellent Original Box.
  • Upgraded with MRRHQ Custom Track Powered Lighting.
  • Highly Detailed Interior.
  • Proto 2000 All-Metal 33" Wheel Sets.
  • Upgraded with Kadee All-Metal Knuckle Couplers.

HO Scale 1:87

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