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Roundhouse 5047 Ringling Bros. 50' Pullman Business Coach Kit HO Scale

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Back in the days before 1919, when Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey combined their shows, the two great circuses, though both owned by Ringling Bros., toured the country in separate trains. In their heyday, these 50' Pullman coaches were the lions, and tigers and elephants, of the rails. People in cities and small towns across America would "flock to gawk" at these magnificent, spectacular and highly stylized circus cars the like of which had never been seen before, or since.

Retired for almost 30 years, this MRCHQ Collectible MDC/Roundhouse 5047 Ringling Bros. 50' Pullman Business Coach Kit is new in it's original box. Mint Condition.

Comes standard with NMRA "Hook" Couplers. (Upgrade to Kadee "Knuckle" Couplers optional for only $3.00/pair more.)

HO Scale 1:87

Made in U.S.A.

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