Roundhouse 370 Undecorated Class "C" 70 Ton 3-Truck Shay Locomotive Kit with Can Motor HO Scale

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Roundhouse 370 Undecorated Class "C" 70 Ton 3-Truck Shay Locomotive Kit with Can Motor

Excerpt from 1996 Roundhouse 370 Class "C" 70 Ton 3-Truck Shay Kit Manual:

"There has probably never been a more sought after engine than the Shay, ever since Mr. Ehraim Shay created the first 14-Horsepower "Sidewinder" in 1877. Ephraim Shay, owner & operator of his own logging road in Haring, Michigan, designed and had Lima Machine Works make up his 26' gauge (wide tread) wheeled engine for running on flat wood pin stringers. The Shay was a vertical boiler job, having "vertical" cylinders located to the immediate rear of the boiler.

In 1880, the first Shay was built in Lima. The original Shay was conjured up in 1873 and took six years of "tinkering" before the Cames Agerter & Company (later Lima Locomotives) was invited to participate in this new design. After 1880, the Shay design was to become the principle product of the company. According to the Lima construction list, No. 6 was the first Shay and was delivered to Milton J. Bond. In 1938, Lima Locomotive Works discontinued Shay production for six years. The final Shay was built for the Western Maryland Railway Company as their No. 6 and was shipped to Elkins, West Virginia on May 14, 1945. Total output of the Shays was 2,770."

We don't know exactly how long Roundhouse produced the Model#370 Shay Kits but, just from examples we have seen, production exceeded 15 years. This mint MRRHQ Collectible HO Scale 370 Undecorated 3-Truck Shay Locomotive Kit with Can Motor is the ultimate expression of the Shay in kit form. After MDC/Roundhouse was acquired by Horizon Hobby in 2004 they released several RTR Shay road names with production ending in 2012.

The 2 and 3-Truck Shays were likely the most popular locomotive kit produced by Roundhouse and remain arguably the most desirable. They were, and are, also the most difficult, daunting and ultimately rewarding kits to build which may explain why so many remain unbuilt. Fortunately, for the experienced modeler, there is a wealth of highly recommended "how-to" information on Shays available on the Internet. For those actually planning on building a Shay, we also highly recommend the Northwest Shortline Shay Re-gearing kits and offer them as options at a 35% discount from retail with purchase of a Shay kit. For the collector, the Roundhouse Shay kits are simply a must have.


  • New, STUNNING Mint Condition in Mint Original Box.
  • Certified 100% Complete by MRRHQ Vintage Steam Locomotive Works.
  • Inventoried and sealed in custom-fitted air tight heavy zip lock bag.
  • All small parts sealed in original plastic bags.
  • All original (and exhaustive) Instructions are present
  • Powerful MC90 Can Motor w/Brass Worm Gear.
  • Sure-to-fail sooner or later plastic gearbox and axle gears.
  • Heavy cast metal main and water tender frame assemblies.
  • All screws, headlamp and other parts needed to complete the kit are included.
  • Paperwork Dated 1996. Actual duration of production run is unknown.
  • Available Options:
    • Northwest Shortline 187-6 Delrin and Brass Axle and Transfer Box Gears.
    • Northwest Shortline 188-6 Brass Bull Gear, Delrin U-Joint Set and metal Axles.
  • We do not recommend this kit for beginning modelers.

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