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Roundhouse 2807 MOW Box Cab Diesel Track Cleaner Locomotive Kit w/Universal Drive Fix HO Scale

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Roundhouse 2807 MOW Box Cab Diesel Track Cleaner Locomotive Kit w/Universal Drive Fix

Okay, I get it. Though NOT a steam engine, it was, however, one of the first steam era diesel locomotives and is certainly vintage. If you are familiar with these kits you are probably aware that the stock drive system will, sooner or later, fail. Check out the ADDENDA below for insight on my solution to this common issue incorporated in this kit.

Central Railroad of New Jersey box-cab No. 1000, built by an Alco/General Electric/Ingersoll-Rand consortium, gained the title of “first commercially successful diesel-electric locomotive” when CNJ put it to work on October 22, 1925. After a three-decade career, the unit was retired to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore.

Excerpt from Roundhouse 2827 Box Cab Diesel Locomotive Kit Instructions:

"Roundhouse Product's flywheel-equipped diesel locomotive kit was patterned after one of the first successful diesel-electrics in the United States, built by Alco in 1924. Powered by a 300 horsepower Ingersoll-Rand 6-cylinder diesel engine, this locomotive weighed 60 tons and could negotiate extremely short radius curves, such as those found in the New Jersey waterfront pier area streets. Our customers who are "into" traction will find the Roundhouse diesel is just right for an early day Box Motor style traction locomotive."


Plastic Part #28058 Universal Drive in these vintage locos almost ALWAYS arrive broken from age rendering the drive system inoperable. Replacements were never offered. Fear not! I developed a fix for this problem which has been incorporated in this kit.


  • C-8 Mint Condition w/Excellent Original Box.
  • Modified/Tested/Runs.
  • Original Box and all Instructions included.
  • Pre-painted pressure-cast Zamac high impact plastic body.
  • Heavy cast metal main frame.
  • Production date 1989.

HO Scale 1:87

Made in U.S.A.

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