MRRHQ Custom Premium Limited Edition IHC/Roundhouse 1900s SP "Sunbeam" Overland Passenger Train w/Tsunami DCC/Sound

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The introduction of the 4-6-2 design in 1901 has been described as "a veritable milestone in locomotive progress". Pacific steam locomotives provided the motive power for many railroad's crack Limited Express passenger trains throughout much of the early to mid-20th century. We here at Model Railroad HQ honor these magnificent thoroughbreds and the crack Limiteds of days gone by with our MRRHQ Custom Premium Limited Edition IHC/Roundhouse 1900s SP "Sunbeam" Overland Passenger Train w/Tsunami DCC/Sound.

Unequaled attention to detail, craftsmanship, technological innovation and respect for the great, vintage models trains of days gone by. Only from the modelers at MRRHQ.

The Locomotive

IHC Premier M9862 SP "Sunbeam" 4-6-2 Semi-Streamliner Pacific Locomotive


  • Stunning C-9 Mint Condition with Excellent Original Box.
  • Test Track run time only.
  • MRCHQ Locomotive Works serviced, tested and certified.
  • Premium Soundtraxx TSU750 Micro-Tsunami DCC/Sound Decoder Installed.
  • Operating Headlamp.
  • Factory installed bi-directional Rear Tender Lighting.
  • One-piece boilers, engine covers, cabs and tenders of pressure-cast high impact plastic.
  • Steel main and side rods, guides, hand rails, fittings and coupler lift bars.
  • Real brass bell.
  • Many additional fine details.
  • Powerful state-of-the-art can motor w/flywheel.
  • Scale 73" Drivers.
  • Easy rolling steel needle point truck axles.
  • Upgraded with working front and rear Knuckle Couplers.
  • Woodland Scenics Engineer Figure Installed in Cab.
  • Made in Slovenia by Mehano. Production Year 1996.

Available Option:

  • Don't want the Locomotive? Choose "Locomotive Delete".

Dimensions: Locomotive 7 x 1 3/8 x 2" Tender 4 3/4 x 1 3/8 x 2"

The Coaches

Roundhouse 84883 Series Southern Pacific 50' Overland Coaches

MDC/Roundhouse Trains began as "The Roundhouse" in 1938 and, as Roundhouse Trains and, later, as MDC/Roundhouse. For nearly 70 years Roundhouse was one of the great names in model railroading. After several changes in ownership in the late 1990s and early 2000s the assets of MDC were purchased in 2004 by Horizon Hobby with the intent of using the Roundhouse name for pre-WWII products only. The resulting revival of legendary Roundhouse Overton, Overland and Harriman coaches with new tooling, modern razor sharp graphics and upgraded features, discontinued in 2012, resulted in the finest ready-to-run examples of these cars ever produced. Until now.

The 50' Overland Coaches offered under the Roundhouse name in the early 2000s were packaged in RTR 4-car Master Carton limited editions. Our MRCHQ Custom Premium Limited Edition IHC/Roundhouse 1900s SP "Sunlight" Overton Passenger Train includes the complete four car Southern Pacific set comprised of a RPO Coach, Combine Coach, Passenger Coach and Observation Coach. Upgraded with many proprietary high-end features this premium heirloom quality set is NOW the finest example of these cars ever produced.

FEATURES: RPO, Combine, Passenger and Observation Coaches

  • Custom Full Interiors designed and 3D Printed by MRCHQ.
  • Matching color accents on seat tops.
  • High end hand painted Preiser Passengers, Railroad Personnel and Baggage Details.
  • Proprietary MRCHQ Custom MagLED Interior Lighting.
    • First Time/Every Time On/Off Control high end German made Magnetic Latching Relay.
    • MRCHQ Custom 3D Printed Magnetic Wand for fool proof turn-on/turn off.
    • Easily replaceable 12/VDC Battery.
    • Change Lighting Color or intensity with easily replaceable colored acetate.
    • Soft White LED illumination.
    • Constant Light Level Intensity.
  • Razor sharp paint and graphics.
  • Vintage Curtain Silhouettes in Front and Rear Windows.
  • Tinted Clerestory Windows.
  • Individual Road Numbers.
  • Full Underbody Details.
  • Knuckle Couplers.
  • Mint Original Master Carton Included.

Dimensions: 8" Long x 2" Tall x 1 3/8" Wide

HO Scale 1:87

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