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MRC 1030 Frequency One Freedom Wireless Control System for Steam Locomotives

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Freedom One Wireless Sound for DC trains enables you to wirelessly control the throttle, direction, and sounds on your loco. Includes an FM remote transmitter and a receiver/sound decoder with standard NMRA 8 pin plug and JST 9 pin socket. Just set your power pack to top speed and run using the remote. Measuring only 50mm x 17.6mm x 7mm the receiver/sound decoder fits most locomotives. Range is within 12 feet of the operating track.

If you convert to DCC or run locomotives on DCC, the Freedom One DC sound module will operate with any NMRA DCC systems. Its DCC features four-digit addressing, 128 speed steps and 28 functions. You can operate up to three DC sound & control module equipped trains on the same track at the same time.

Freedom One 1030 Wireless Sound for DC Trains Frequency A HO Universal Steam includes 10 chuff sounds, 17 whistles and 7 bells.

HO Scale 1:87

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