Con-Cor/Rivarossi Complete Logging Train w/Sawmill Kit HO Scale

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Con-Cor/Rivarossi Complete Logging Train w/Sawmill Kit

In the 1980's and 1990's Con-Cor partnered with Rivarossi to provide a variety of unique locomotive/consist combinations. Con-Cor to this day still offers the same Log Buggies included with this set.

Moving logs was tough work in the mid-19th century and many operators began using railroads to speed up production and delivery. With no need for permanent track, logging lines were built fast and cheap. Uneven roadbed, sharp curves and steep grades proved too much for conventional rod-driven steam locomotives so loggers, engineers and inventors began developing gear-driven locos that could handle both adverse track conditions and heavy loads. The fastest, last and, arguably the best of the three prominent types of the period would soon be known by the name of its inventor - Charles Heisler. Heislers were produced until 1941 in 2 and 3-Truck variants. The shaft driven third truck held an extended water supply. Of the over 600 produced, a remarkable 30 have been preserved.

The incredible 2-Truck Heisler Logging Locomotive included in this set was made in Italy by Rivarossi and, boy, did they nail it. So to speak. With flawless and reliable mechanical engineering and heavy loads of detail the Rivarossi Heislers are some of the most fascinating and remarkable blue collar locos ever made.

Rivarossi 2-Truck Heisler Locomotive


  • C-9 Mint Condition w/Excellent Set Box
  • MRRHQ Locomotive Works restored, serviced, tested and certified.
  • Little or no indication of run time.
  • Realistic operating piston/universal joint drive shaft system.
  • Operating Directional Head and Tail lamps with Clear Lenses.
  • One-piece boiler, cab and tender of pressure-cast high impact plastic.
  • Castings are sharp and clean and include highly detailed boiler fronts, smoke stacks, valves, pipes and rivet heads.
  • Real Brass fittings and 3-piece bell.
  • Powerful can motor.
  • All metal gears assembled on knurled axles.
  • Authentic brass hex-head screws for side rods.
  • Heavy cast metal locomotive and tender frames.
  • NMRA Couplers.
  • Optional Upgrades Available:
    • TCS T1 Standard DCC Decoder Installed.
    • Complex installation of Front & Rear Knuckle Couplers. (Log Buggies and Caboose Included.)
Dimensions: Loco 6' L x 2 1/4" T x 1 1/4" W

Check our "Blog" for more information on this fascinating locomotive class.

(2) Rivarossi/Con-Cor Log Buggies Included


  • Metal Frames.
  • (6) Real Wood Logs/Buggie.
  • Metal Retaining Chains.
  • NMRA Couplers.

Rivarossi 2-Truck Bobber Caboose w/NMRA Couplers Incuded

Complete Molded Plastic Sawmill Kit w/Instructions Included

HO Scale 1:87

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